Band anthology and discography

Indie Musician and Recording Artist - Cap'nChris Olds 

I've played with many different bands, " acts " and solo artists over the years.  Including " Singer Songwriters " often in my career. There are a handful of Indie  records I've done with various solo artists over the years, I've never been signed to a Label, Indie or Major.


X-Ceptions 1979-1981

Don't Ask 1983/84

Astra Li Sessions 1987

Lisa Faye - Jr. Billionaire 1988

Robert Lusson - Loose on the World 

* Label: Artistic Records 1988, released 1991

Citimen - (unreleased) 1990

Sean Jones Band 1992

Elle Wolfe - Predilections 1995

Robert Relly - Blue Man 1995

Charly Fillmore & the Flipouts - Holy Cow 1994

Walking Shoes 1994/95

Each Others Legend 1995

Tommy Dukes Blues Band 1994/95

The CEOs 1997

Mandala 1998/99

Spontaneous Combustion 2002

Microcosm 2002-2005

Jonathan McEuen Band 2007-2017

Michael Saidman Band 2010

Buddhahead Groove Faktory 20010-12

PDR *Patryk DeRosa 2016

the Fearless Grey 2017 to present

*Saidman Said  2010

*Grit Guts & Glory 2011

*Rosebuds & Laserbeams - PDR 2016

What Inspires Me

Recording art is fun, and a major passion of mine in this life...but performing live in front of a responsive and enthusiastic audience is " why I'm still in the business of live music " and It keeps me coming back to the stage.  After playing on a handful of records for other artists.  14 Solo projects/albums I began producing Records for other Artists in 2008.


The Road Never Ends 1998

Kid Millennium 1999

Spontaneous Combustion - Music4Sex(a random incident) 2002

Microcosm Spaceport: Alsea 2003/04

Microcosm Higher Unconsciousness 2005

Microcosm Spaceport: Layla 2005

Pleiades: Project Earth 2012

Buddhahead Groove Faktory - Digital Rationale 2012

Chris Olds - Guitar Until Dawn 2012

Ambient Zone: Andromeda 2013

Ambient Zone: Aquarius 2014

Cap'n Chris - Peace Sign 2015

Capn'n Chris' Quantum Reality 2015

Musical Influences & the early years

Drumming has been one of the single biggest passions in Chris' life.   Great teachers and influences by players like Terry Bozzio and Bill Bruford is part of why Chris has remained a pro or semi-pro musician and live entertainer since the late 1970's.  There's no stopping now.  

Since I was around 10 years old...I've been playing music.  I got my first drumset at age 11... as a gift from dad.

I got my first pro gig at age 17, and have been playing semi-pro and professionally since that time. My drum teacher Al Garabaldi was a Jazz/Session cat from LA.  I studied with Al for almost 4 years when I was in H.S. and for about a year after I graduated.

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Peace Sign - 2014