Peace Sign - Chris Olds

  • 9 Stones
  • Mysticism and Energy
  • Don't make it harder (than it has to be)
  • Dreamin' about Elvis
  • A Rose (everything is everything)
  • Freaks (something trippy this way comes)
  • Black Bayou
  • Peace Sign
  • Starlight (spills from my eyes)



The Road Never Ends 1998

Kid Millennium 1999

Spontaneous Combustion - Music4Sex(a random incident) 2002

Microcosm Spaceport: Alsea 2003/04

Microcosm Higher Unconsciousness 2005

Microcosm Spaceport: Layla 2005

Pleiades: Project Earth 2012

Buddhahead Groove Faktory - Digital Rationale 2012

Chris Olds - Guitar Until Dawn 2012

Ambient Zone: Andromeda 2013

Ambient Zone: Aquarius 2014

Cap'n Chris - Peace Sign 2015

Capn'n Chris' Quantum Reality 2015

Records with other Recording Artists

 Astra Li Sessions 1987

Lisa Faye - Jr. Billionaire 1988

Robert Lusson - Loose on the World 

* Label: Artistic Records 1989

Citimen - (unreleased) 1990

Elle Wolfe - Predilections 1995

Robert Relly - Blue Man 1995

Charly Fillmore & the Flipouts - Holy Cow 1994

Walking Shoes 1994/95

Each Others Legend 1995

The CEOs 1997

Spontaneous Combustion 2002

Microcosm 2002-2005

Jonathan McEuen Band 2007-2017

*Live Gigs, no records with this Artist

Michael Saidman Band 2010

Buddhahead Groove Faktory 20010-12

PDR *Patryk DeRosa 2016


Digital Rationale - Buddhahead Groove Faktory - 2011

Ambient Albums

Buddhahead Groove Faktory


Joe Turman - Electric Violin

Chris Olds - vDrums, Bass, Keys, guitar 

I.B. Leavintown - Guitar


Microcosm - Higher Unconsciousness

I produced this record in Oregon back in 2005.  the Guitar Player doing most of the leads, engineered the recording sessions.  I mixed and mastered the recordings, did the artwork, distribution and pressed approximately 100 copies of this album.  In a world of billions this was a rare moment in time


Spontaneous Combustion -- Music 4 Sex

This record was recorded at the Random House in Oregon in 2002

this band ended up becoming Microcosm the next year.  After the guitar player spun out and left town abruptly.  Two more guys stepped in and Microcosm was born.

Ambient Zone - Chill Grooves for background music



The Constellations - Andromeda



More to come...


More to come....


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Meditation and Music for Sleep

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